Fay - 8/15/08-8/23/08 Five Days in Between Storms
August, 2008
Gustav 8/27/08; Hannah 8/29/08
Royal Caribbean 8/23/08-8/27/08
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Looking for adventure

Safety first


Thanks for the hat

Perfect sky

Flat flat flat ocean

Maximum wake

Flatter than flat

Informal portrait

Did I mention flat?

Return to Cayman

Tender'ize me!

Royally Enchanting

Aaaaarrrrrrgh, matey!

Bat in the cabin

Look! Still flat!

Old friend - Carnival

Welcome to Cozumel

Ruin'ed town

Just like home

100 degrees in shade

Laaaazzzy day

Entertain me

The last supper

Michelle, Michael, Josiane, Paul