Drone view
Ground view
Panels EV runs on sunshine


6.4 Kilowatt Enphase system
Net system cost $11,185 ($15,978 minus $4,793 rebate)

20 LG panels - NeON2 LG320N1C-G4
20 Enphase IQ6+ Microinverters
320 Watts per panel

Unirac Rails with S-5! Mini clamps, on standing seam metal roof

Installer: William May Electric, Hudson, FL


Electric bill savings average $112 per month (805 kWh * $0.14).
System cost is recovered in about 8.3 years ($11,185/$112/12); warranty is 25 years.
Production - 805 kWh Monthly average 11/19 - 3/21
Monthly production
Monthly Production / Consumption
Monthly production and consumption
MData spreadsheet

Installed 6/30/2017 - Lake Construction

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img_1064_small.jpg img_1065_small.jpg img_1066_small.jpg img_1067_small.jpg img_1068_small.jpg
img_1069_small.jpg img_1070_small.jpg img_1071_small.jpg img_1072_small.jpg img_1073_small.jpg
img_1075_small.jpg img_1078_small.jpg img_1080_small.jpg img_1081_small.jpg img_1082_small.jpg
img_1083_small.jpg img_1085_small.jpg img_1087_small.jpg img_1089_small.jpg img_1090_small.jpg


American Solar Energy Society - www.ases.org
Solar United Neighbors - www.solarunitedneighbors.org
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